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Myobrace® - Advanced Orthodontic Appliance System.

30 August, 2012

The demand for orthodontic treatment continues to grow. MRC is the leader in providing effective myofunctional orthodontic treatment - without the need for braces or extractions.

The Myobrace® appliance range is an advanced myofunctional orthodontic system, intelligently structured for a clearer approach to appliance selection. The appliances incorporate cutting-edge design characteristics that are unrivaled by competitors; taking orthodontic treatment to a whole new level.

For the clearest approach to appliance selection The Myobrace System™ uses familiar classifications to separate each appliance group. These groups are: Myobrace for Juniors™, Myobrace for Kids™, Myobrace for Teens™ and Myobrace for Adults™ - representing the primary, early-mixed, late-mixed and permanent dentition stages.

To further simplify appliance selection each appliance group generally consists of three appliances covering three stages of treatment. Each stage clearly outlines the appliance’s purpose during a specific stage of treatment. The treatment stages are as follows:

• Stage 1 - habit correction;
• Stage 2 - arch development; and
• Stage 3 - final alignment and retention.

The Myobrace for Teens™ is the only exception to this format. It has a separate dental alignment stage - making it a four stage appliance group.

With an understanding of the appliance groups and stages, the appliance names will make perfect sense. Each individual appliance name directly corresponds to both the appliance group and the stage within the group. For example; the Myobrace for Kids™ appliances are named K1, K2 and K3. Another example is the Myobrace for Teens™ which uses a four-stage appliance sequence, and are named T1, T2, T3 and T4. This naming style applies for the majority of appliances within the Myobrace® range. This sequential labeling system aims to better assist doctors in choosing the right appliance for the patient at every stage of treatment and allows the patient to clearly understand their treatment progress.

There are many new and some existing appliances that make up The Myobrace System™. There are four main appliance groups that directly relate to the dentition; and two appliance groups which provide more specialised treatment:

Myobrace for Juniors™ - Primary Dentition

Myobrace for Juniors™ is a three stage appliance system for the primary dentition - J1, J2 and J3 - incorporating fundamental design characteristics based on its predecessor, the Infant Trainer. Advancements to the design features have been developed specifically for habit correction in young children.

Myobrace for Kids™ - Mixed Dentition

Myobrace for Kids™ for the mixed dentition is made up of the K1, K2 and K3. The K1 and K2 appliances were formerly named the i-2n and the i-2 - MRC’s most advanced myofunctional appliances. The K3 is a newly-developed appliance used for final alignment and retention. This incorporates MRC’s new tongue tag development which allows for better tongue position in the final alignment stage of treatment.

Myobrace for Teens™ - Developing-Permanent Dentition

Myobrace for Teens™ consists of a four-stage appliance sequence with features that actively develop the arch-form and align the teeth as the permanent dentition is developing. The T1 and T2 are used to correct the poor myofunctional habits and develop the arch-form, while the T3, formally the Myobrace Regular, features tooth slots and actively works to align the teeth. Final retention is achieved with the T4 - a new appliance featuring MRC’s new tongue tag development for better tongue position in the final alignment stage of treatment.

Myobrace for Adults™ - Permanent Dentition

Myobrace for Adults™ is designed specifically for the permanent dentition. The A1, A2, and A3 make up the three-stage appliance group that incorporates many of MRC’s proven design principals, including features that correct poor oral habits, along with other newly adapted design characteristics to treat malocclusion in adults.

Myobrace Interceptive Class III - Mixed Dentition

Myobrace Interceptive Class 3™ is a specialty appliance range which features design characteristics unique to the correction of class 3 malocclusion in the mixed dentition. The i-3N and i-3, formally part of the Interceptive Series, remain unchanged. The newly-developed i-3H is used in the final stages of treatment for alignment and retention and features MRC’s new tongue tag development for better tongue position in the final alignment stage of treatment.

Myobrace for Arch Development

Myobrace for Arch Development™ is a range of appliances designed to provide treatment solutions for cases that require increased arch development in combination with MRC’s appliances. The Bent Wire System or BWS™ is now categorised into this system, joined by the Biobloc and MRC’s new composite buildup technique - Myolay - which assists in realigning the jaws and the occlusion.

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